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Cooper City, FL is one of the most magical places in America to live. The City small town vibe is filled with diversity where everybody knows everybody and famous for the love of sports and great schools. The first step taken there is like walking into a different world, where time seems to stand still and greet you with a warm smile. The overwhelming power of the city plays on its subjects’ curiosity and drives them to wander deep into its alluring old world beauty .

Cooper City is located in the Southern part of Florida in Broward County and it’s truly one of the best places to live in Florida. It offers a suburban feel to the residents and most of them own their homes as well. The Cooper City is famous for its passion for basketball sports and music, which have earned its status of being called as “Someplace special”. There are lots of exclusive eateries, coffee shops and public parks. The city has a liberal touch due to its population consisting mostly of families and young professionals. The city has great schools and has a diverse population.

Cooper City is a home ground to mainstream sports. It enjoys the status of being the birthplace of the famous Troy state defense end Ken Wagner who belonged to the national championship team in the late 1980s. Brian Piccolo Park located in Cooper City is famous for its cricket grounds. In 2004, ICC intercontinental cup was held in these cricket grounds where United States cricket team played against Canada. Brian Piccolo Park served as the home base for the professional cricket name known as Florida Thunder in 2004. Besides, the cricket grounds, there are exclusive tracks built for cycling. The park also has a skating board rink. They are other parks such as Cooper City Optimist and Bill Lips. Bill Lips park has its own softball team.

Cooper City is very big on education. There are serval elementary schools awarded with A rating in Cooper City. Cooper City High School ranked among the top 10% schools in United States. Cooper City community believes that all students should be provided with a safe educational opportunity, so that they may fulfill their responsibilities as productive citizens in our global society. The school has continued the tradition of A rating in 2018-2019 as well. The school entertains nearly 22 AP classes and with the 48% participation, it is one of the highest AP participation schools in the area.

The elementary schools in Cooper City for teaching grades K-5 that includes Embassy Creek Elementary, Griffin Elementary School and Pioneer Middle School. It is important to mention here that all these three schools have continued the “A” Tradition of Excellence for 2018/2019.

From the prominent buildings to the wondrous parks, suburban touch is found all throughout the city. Cooper City is jam-packed with exotic eateries for foodies. There are four star and five-star rated dining restaurants and cafes widespread all over the city where people can enjoy the delicious foods and have amazing dining experience. These famous eateries include Ella café, Vienna Cafe and Bistro, Le Cafe Francais and Kristof’s Kafe.


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